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Thermolacquering is a process of treating metallic surfaces by electrostatic spraying of powder paints, which results from two distinct stages: pre-treatment, lacquering.

The pre-treatment consists of preparing the metallic part to protect it from corrosion and maximize the adhesion of the paint based on thermosetting polymers (epoxy or polyester, for example). Some of the great advantages of thermo lacquering are the almost infinite variety of colors and/or finishes (metallization, texture, etc.) that can be applied, as well as the resistance of the finish and its durability.

Escovinox offers its customers the most modern finishes on the market, including metallic, matte and textured finishes. We have infrastructures capable of thermo-lacquering parts with maximum dimensions of 7 meters in length, 2 meters in width and 2.65 meters in height.

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