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From the necessity of Geometria do Móvel to give a more effective answer to the prodution of metalic components to incorporate into the manufactured furniture, emerges the aquisition of the company Escovinox. This one, which was a sole proprietorship in the area of Civil Locksmithing and Technical Locksmithing, with whom already existed a partnership, becomes part of the family of GM in 2015.

Since then, Escovinox, has walked his path with well steps well based on criteria and values such as professional rigor, quality and reliability of the work performed. It's based on this commitment that we try everyday to cement ourselves as a trustworthy young locksmithing!

In our journey, we have been affirming in the national market and given good steps in the European market, having today a greater presence in the Algarve region and in France.

In the coming years, we want to consolidate our space in locksmithing, reach as many markets as possible and make of Escovinox a household name for everyone!

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